Selected writings throughout the years. Articles on environmental and social awareness, as well as poetry.



Touch Them Not

Single Handed

Balm for the Heart

Modernity, Penny Royal Tea, and the gods in Them

When the Fire Spits Snake

Much Ado About Freedom


Social Discourses 

The Name of the Spice: For the Women and Children of Cambodia

Fiction – Short Stories

Articles – Animal Awareness

FWS: Did You Know: The Siamese Crocodile

FWS: Not Spiders Harvestmen. A phobia turns into an interest

FWS: They Call Me a Bat. 

FWS: Who’s to Say About the Mosquito? 

Articles – Environmental Awareness


FWS: No Such Place: On Marine and Sewage

FWS: Feeding and Tracking: In Defense of the Coral Triangle 


FWS: She Who is Their Host (for Nepenthes Bicalcarata)

FWS: Did You Know: Nut Weed?