Installation Simulation (InSimulation) is an organization I started to design solutions for mental health and environmental advocacy using the arts. Due to Covid-19 our workshops have existed online. Below are past and upcoming events as well as our mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement:

InSimulation works to mitigate systemic issues through design and collaboration. Our work is to inspire and advocate for mental, emotional, and environmental health through creative action. 


Stay: Anchored Within was a 75 min yoga class series in collaboration with Kundiibe Yoga of San Diego. Progressive relaxation and mediation exercises are a large part of InSimulation’s work as I’ve noticed it’s great effectiveness in calming the body and mind for clarity. Each class after has featured this technique.

Flyer Vickell John-Baptiste @kundiibeyoga


Remembering Your Roots was a class series organized by shamanic practitioner and artist Ayesa Munguia and myself. I am an advocate for progressive relaxation and meditation as a spiritual and mental health tool and whole heartedly believe discovering your own spiritual understanding helps to transform your life into one that is authentic and beautiful.

Flyer by Ayesa Love

Dates: Sundays April 19, 2020 – July 5, 2020



In Sunday Morning Reset  we will begin with a  progressive relaxation exercise and from there let’s learn and play! Each week I will share artists, techniques, and the materials we can use to imagine and bring to life creative art projects. some projects include creating an art toy, a garment, and accessories. Creative reuse is greatly encouraged to minimize buying additional materials. 

Participants can reveal their creations during class, progress is always welcomed so you do not need to be finished with the work to share it.

Modern to Contemporary artists from around the world will be featured. 

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