Food Web Stories 

FWS was a collaborative project designed by Ecological Designer Nik Bertulis and myself. Our initial project was to tour the Colorado River from Boulder County, Nevada to the delta of Mexico. We collected stories along the way from experts and locals affected by the river’s changing food web dynamics. Other inquiries lead to stories collected in China, Thailand, Hawaii, and the island of Borneo. We then disseminated the information through a website and community events featuring audio and photography.  The posters below were designed by Nik Bertulis.

Project Direction: Sabrina Davidson and Nikolas Bertulis

Graphic Design and Photography: Nikolas Bertulis

Audio Capturing & Editing: Sabrina Davidson


EARTH (Essential Artist Resource and Technology Handbook) was born from a collaboration with ARTS (A San Diego arts organization that provides no-cost art programs to youth)  and  Casa Tamarindo ( A binational design house focused on environmentally sound practice). Because of Covid-19 and the need to work remotely, we collaborated on finding and sharing vernacular/ indigenous methods for creating art materials.  This work was used to start a database of information for artists who wanted to make their art tools at home. My work was to research and practice the techniques, sharing the information through photos which would eventually be used for the first publication which was entered into the climate change mitigation competition: Connect4Climate

Graphic Design: Kaiden C. Pascua

Project Direction: Itamar Lilienthal

Research: Ann King, Sabrina Davidson, and Itamar Lilienthal

EARTH sponsors: ARTS and Patagonia USA