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I believe it’s safe to say awareness is my religion. My travels, conversations, and interests have always been my catalyst for creative expression. I hope in this world, I touch it not only with grace and authenticity but with care and compassion.

I am an artist who have trained for many years in environmental stewardship such as permaculture gardening and farming. In 2015, I was awarded my first birthing doula certificate and trained as a death doula the following year. In 2021, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Art & Design at San Diego State University. I am an advocate for creative reuse for environmental well being, play as therapy, and respite as a sustainable part of a healthy lifestyle.

I love collaborating with others regardless of medium and have worked on various community projects such as composting, place making, gorilla gardening, waste water management, and storytelling. All of my work is in appreciation of mother nature down to my behavior and treatment of others on this planet and in honor of my ancestors who have paved the way for me.

My mission is to alleviate stress in this world be it through a joke, work of art, and of course solidarity.

Email: sabibicare@gmail.com

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