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I Love Art!

Email: sabibicare@gmail.com

Phone: (619)721-3967

The artist is able to venture anywhere and do anything in the name of creativity. We can even help tremendously the planet by thinking outside of the usual and leveraging materials and techniques according to imagination not policy.

In the beginning for me there was always music and drawing which became painting, sculpting, gardening, and eventually teaching. I will be glad for the day when youth and elders sit in the same classroom because we all need each other. Arts and crafts transcends all genres and is fun for all people which is why I love teaching this form of art especially. Do see the rest of my site. All the Best!

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  1. Thank you Greatness ( yes, you already know) for sharing your works here, what a beautiful space Yes! my fellow Light worker, I see you Shine!

  2. Hey there, lady! Great meeting you on Saturday and you seem to be into many things that are good. As your friend above says, ‘I see your shine!’ Take care and great good luck.


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