Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Sabrina, I am an arts & crafts instructor for all ages as well as a studio artist practicing sculpture, painting, music and more. The contemporary arts interest me greatly from performance, video, audio, and illustration. Welcome to my site where I share my art, classes, and ideas. Thank you for visiting. Below please click on a word of interest. Journeys will lead you to my travel journal. Illustrations will show you some of my paintings. Poems will feature my personal spoken word and written poetry. Recorded hosts my growth in audio documenting.




Artist Statement:

I am interested.

An adventurer of journeys with a passion for storytelling. I am a teacher of fun arts & crafts for all ages and an idealist with a vision for ways to inspire play and connection.

Illustrations are drawn, poems are spewed. Words are recorded, written, and spoken. Thank you for visiting!



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