Touch them not

Thunder in the belly
Air in the throat

tell you i have ventured in your head
know the jumble of your thoughts
Wouldn’t you believe i saw you walking by
Quiet footsteps

Left me lone
To hold my head
Grit my teeth
Facing down fears

Quick never to judge
I couldn’t get too far

I know what little I have felt


In these days of scorpion tales
Beheaded mantis
Dancing monkeys
Ripped sympathy sticks

Cold in the night
Chill and cool water pouring from clouds
I stare at them
So as not to miss what is coveted

You and Me
We are what I no longer know
It is in the mess
I would rather look at the clouds
Than fix what only one will confess
I have bared myself for you
Shut my mouth
Ignored the cry of my ego
Wanting to save itsself
Looking for a savior, me
And you forgot me

You didn’t even know me
You couldn’t have
Still the ego cries
Save my name
And I wouldn’t
I won’t
I would rather look at the clouds
And bare my heart
Pull back the shoulders to get a better look
The heart cries out
I am open
all the mistakes in the world
Will be forgiven

Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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