When the fire spits ~ snake.

On the art of  Reinvention.

There was a passage in a book which hinted at the movement of the stars and the language we speak. for such a reason some stories I rarely recount anymore. for in the book I mention there is an age old belief brought to light. When we are born the light and placement of the stars and planets in the sky effects our mentality and therefore our behavior. We hardly think of the cosmic connection to the words we speak and the planets arrangement when the fire spits.

Fire in the context of words, language, logos. for it is thought when one speaks of a past event they recall the placement of the stars and planets. and it is the stars and planets memory connecting with the fire of our speech which is living and therefore a flame which could move in the placement recounted upon. or summon such a placement to the point you feel it as if it was happening or it tries to replay its’self. 🙂

It is no wonder why people feel during recapitulation that they are in the exact moment recounted and it is what one is willing to do in such a  moment which will determine if they will live out the night mare, addictive, or additive. If they will finally wrap it up and give the experience to the dark eagle in exchange for more life and more vitality which isn’t being sucked on like a breast filled with the sugary substance of comfort and fear of the unpaved. It is moments like such which will determine if you can begin anew, a whole new life. A life in which you decide if you will stay continuously on the carousel of dead horses or take the exit to the unknown and reinvention.

Which brings me to my next point. To reinvent yourself you must do the following.

Begin a new.

Do not bring up the past, leave it as the reference it is. Never to leave the library.

Do not talk to your self. ( chattering to yourself in your head, the chatter is usually about  old events and what you coulda, shoulda, woulda done)

When the fire spits make it count. Speak loudly to beings with fur and without two eyes to see. Stop using this and that to address what you see. Make up your own language fitting for you.

Be grateful to the stars and planets. For you know not what you do when the fire spits, the words spark.


Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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