Modernity, Penny Royal Tea, and Gods in Them

Modernity, Penny Royal Tea, and Gods in the Them

A purple goblet

glass cone,emblem of a white mare

metal base with the rococo finish

a shadow on a tabletop in a modern kitchen

penny royal tea, cup half full

wet lips

I have only so much to go

taste brings memories

side effects brings relief

to modernity!

fingernails on the bar

dress on my back

watching like a camera lens

feet too high above the land

must walk them down to earth

flowers pucker

One day

for now when fall is here

winter comes



where is my torch to traverse the tunnels of this time

this season

welcome to the cold

Ancient eyes with so much to say

mediums have voices for one mouth

lone beneath a starry sky

lights on in the distance

quiet your house for the night

I wonder

I hope for you

may your breadcrumbs be hearty

my torch be a burning beacon to lead you to my arms

to the heart of my voice which collects for you stories

by memory I will recite

one day

do not drink too much rain

save it for the earth

Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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