If You Ever Wonder

Yesterday, Christmas, was pretty hilarious! A little girl about five years old shouted in a room full of people, “Guess How Old My Mommy Is!!!”

you should have seen her mothers face, then she did the same thing with her mother’s girlfriend. It was hilarious.

I have wondered this week how old and what species is the dog I have been dog sitting. Looks like a German Shepard to me, I would tell people. Then I would say it could be a mix or a whole other type. Well today I went to the store and took Sheezookuh with me. While I was going down an isle eating opened gluten free crackers from the box I heard…Who ever tied up their German Shepard please come to the front! I dashed off knowing for certain that Sheezookuh, the only dog that was tied up in front of the store,  is a German Shepard and is probably a two year old German Shepard pup based on the size of her.

What to do about the count

Visiting Africa has truly been a wild journey. Yesterday, Sunday, I was taken to a town called Dande. It was a while from the city of Bobo. Mostly I tried gesturing to people when they spoke or I used my un pau francias. Wasn’t feeling so great so I sat under a tree for most of the day with Stephan, Larry, and the other folks in the compound. Some of us took turns in a way shooing the goats from the food bowls. Baby chickens walked straigt over my legs while I laid on a mat trying to rest.

The women of the compound were all active cooking foods, holding children, and assisting in offerings. When they saw me breathing slightly funny they came up to me with a blue cup with red water in it. They motioned for me to sniff the liquids. I did, my nose started running it was as if i had taken in cayenne pepper water. I could breath better which was nice. My nostrils however were burning.

I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to hang out with the women. Before it was all said and done I was placed on a stool and somekind of plant resin was burned while i.held.my head over it with my shawl to keep the air.smoke from escaping. A womab had grabbed.me  layed.me across.her.lap and.held me reallybtight, i was offered something thatvtasted like donuts, and danced for the family with my shawl over my head in rhythm with beautiful music on the radio. I loved dancing for them they made sounds like eh’ when they liked something and one of the women danced too while singing the song she knew.

I needed to.dance.barefooted on the eart. I needed to shake off the.winds around me and dance. Silly, theatrical, and like it is the medicine that brings me to myself again. I do imagine it was a sight to see.

But thats why I came. To tell a story, to dance and sing, to see and grow. To touch mama Africa hands and barefooted on Mama Earth. To say hello and smile to one who had been ailing.

Today is Monday. It’s been a day no doubt. My blood test results spoke of iron deficiency and low counts in the iron and b vitamin departments. There are no real super veggies about except Moringa as far as I know. So I am going to take drastic action and eat meat voluntarily after 5 years of being a veggie lover. Oh goodness wish me well.


A guide for a week part.2

  Okay lets continue because these posts will become not so frequent if any at all since tomorrow I will travel to the country side to stay with a friends family. Which by the way is a very nice blessing and an opportunity to be immersed in the language they will use and see the place I have heard that remained free from colonozation, Gaoua.

So here in Bobo we arrived at a hotel that was finally cheaper than the rest. Thankfully because after being here for a week I reached out to three people asking them to borrow funds till I arrived in the states and could offer their money back. I dunno if it’s kosher to mention their name but I say thank you and can’t wait to fulfill my promise. So crisis averted we began a journey of venturing about this city….second largest in the country and I could see here the remains of the muslim traditions that sustained long past the atlantic slave trade. Wouldn’t you know I began to look at the features and faces of many people trying the see if I recognized any simularities. Not too much but I can say I saw the feature resemblances of many people I have seen in the states.

I saw textile makers sitting on the ground pounding fabric. Large tin tubs of dye. And journeyed further into the bush.



I was amazed at how beautiful these large vast spaces of green are just outside the city. I looked around and was simply amazed. One place we journeyed to the car got stuck and we had to petition local folks of the bush to come help. It’s not the first time but it was very memorable the communal friendliness and how folks are willing to support one another. No problem.


What do I enjoy about this place? It is the feeling that when you address a tree outloud, say hi to a creature, or offer food at the side of your plate. It is a norm! It was my new friend Larry who said….you pour some water for the ancestors, water for the kontombles, and water for good luck. I think that was before he realized that pouring water was an important practice for me. It is ancestral. My friend Larry was kind to introduce me to his friends who helped me along the journey. And thankfully to save money, because hotels are expensive and there are no guest houses like South East Asia and no hostels like other places either, I will stay with his family. Oh my a family compound I am so curious and would love to sit with the women. Except for one, most of the people I’ve met have been men. I would love to meet women, hopefully I can learn from them. I know for certain they will have so much to teach. Don’t think there is wifi so with that I will take more pictures and when I can keep you posted on the journey.

Bioremediation for Higher Potential








Bioremediation is at the forefront in the fight to lower atmospheric carbon dioxide, detoxify and repair living intentional systems, and rid the earth of contamination. Bioremediation is for mind, body, and soil.  It is time for us to look at environmental justice as the true key to social justice. Every single imbalance is a result of environmental woe because the body and soil are the living foundations for every living creature including those that live in the sea. If there is an imbalance in one system there is an imbalance in all systems. Finally, the trickle down effect has a place in the living space other than the economy.

What can bioremediation do for the mind, body, and soil?


Bio-remediation adds needed structure and improvement to a living (bio) organism. The mind benefits from bioremediation through training and added potential. That potential is power because once the mind can be silenced and focused its wielder has something called personal power. Personal power leads the being to utilize a given magical quality called intention through the direct focus of his/her awareness. Every living awake creature has awareness and that awareness can be increased leading the being to be present in his/her experience in the three dimensional space we are in.


The body houses the spirit and can be strengthened to wield potential. Potential is power that can be continuously increased through practice and focused awareness. Bioremediation cleans and repairs the body, which is a living intentional system. An intentional system is one that has intention to live and survive.


The soil is quite a living intentional system. The species that live in the soil once remediated adds nutrients to plants and trees that are grown in it. A great soil structure is what allows for the water falling from the sky to become ground water that is purified and able to be harvested for drinking. Soil structure also transforms minerals and metals to an edible substance. Building soil also transmutes toxins therefore destroying it and turning it into beautiful soil again.

Sakari’s Garden is a social enterprise whose mission is to lift the vibes of the earth through the education on potential enhancement and bio-remediation and the access to products and services that implement such education. We define bio-remediation as a process that rids soil and body of imbalance and contamination.

To find out more information on Sakari’s Garden vision for earth bioremediation please visit us online at http://www.sakarisgarden.com

published on Awakening360 2011