Bioremediation for Higher Potential








Bioremediation is at the forefront in the fight to lower atmospheric carbon dioxide, detoxify and repair living intentional systems, and rid the earth of contamination. Bioremediation is for mind, body, and soil.  It is time for us to look at environmental justice as the true key to social justice. Every single imbalance is a result of environmental woe because the body and soil are the living foundations for every living creature including those that live in the sea. If there is an imbalance in one system there is an imbalance in all systems. Finally, the trickle down effect has a place in the living space other than the economy.

What can bioremediation do for the mind, body, and soil?


Bio-remediation adds needed structure and improvement to a living (bio) organism. The mind benefits from bioremediation through training and added potential. That potential is power because once the mind can be silenced and focused its wielder has something called personal power. Personal power leads the being to utilize a given magical quality called intention through the direct focus of his/her awareness. Every living awake creature has awareness and that awareness can be increased leading the being to be present in his/her experience in the three dimensional space we are in.


The body houses the spirit and can be strengthened to wield potential. Potential is power that can be continuously increased through practice and focused awareness. Bioremediation cleans and repairs the body, which is a living intentional system. An intentional system is one that has intention to live and survive.


The soil is quite a living intentional system. The species that live in the soil once remediated adds nutrients to plants and trees that are grown in it. A great soil structure is what allows for the water falling from the sky to become ground water that is purified and able to be harvested for drinking. Soil structure also transforms minerals and metals to an edible substance. Building soil also transmutes toxins therefore destroying it and turning it into beautiful soil again.

Sakari’s Garden is a social enterprise whose mission is to lift the vibes of the earth through the education on potential enhancement and bio-remediation and the access to products and services that implement such education. We define bio-remediation as a process that rids soil and body of imbalance and contamination.

To find out more information on Sakari’s Garden vision for earth bioremediation please visit us online at

published on Awakening360 2011

Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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