If You Ever Wonder

Yesterday, Christmas, was pretty hilarious! A little girl about five years old shouted in a room full of people, “Guess How Old My Mommy Is!!!”

you should have seen her mothers face, then she did the same thing with her mother’s girlfriend. It was hilarious.

I have wondered this week how old and what species is the dog I have been dog sitting. Looks like a German Shepard to me, I would tell people. Then I would say it could be a mix or a whole other type. Well today I went to the store and took Sheezookuh with me. While I was going down an isle eating opened gluten free crackers from the box I heard…Who ever tied up their German Shepard please come to the front! I dashed off knowing for certain that Sheezookuh, the only dog that was tied up in front of the store,  is a German Shepard and is probably a two year old German Shepard pup based on the size of her.

Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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