Lucidity Festival, Kindred Quest 2015

After a wonderful report back and presentation on Appropriate Technology: Then & Now at Place for Sustainable Living in Oakland, I have great news! Foodwebstories will be live at Lucidity Festival 2015.

lucidity festival 2015

Here is the schedule:

Friday @ Permaculture Action Hub, 11 am
Appropriate Technology: Then & Now

FWS Appropriate Technology Then & Now


 In the early 20th Century Gandhi lead the Indian Independence Movement. One key component was Appropriate Technology, locally sourced tools and technology that were at times in tune with the indigenous history of the people of a land. It was felt AT, a people centered technology could cut down the supply and demand afforded to outside and often oppressive sources, thereby the people would regain their independence and not depend on their oppressor. Appropriate technology(AT), in most cases it is made from reuse materials, and is very affordable.

AT has saved millions of lives around the world through efficient stove designs and eco-sanitation. In this presentation we discover the stories of AT saving the lives of people and environments while promoting independence and innovation. Overall this presentation is designed to help communities find out whats new and what they can do. It is meant to inspire audience members to start an AT project of their own.

The possibilities are limitless as to what you can create to live a more sustainable and technologically independent life!”
Saturday @ Nomad’s Nook, 2:30 – 4 pm
Food Web Stories 
food web stories


In this report back, I will express the works of foodwebstories. A multimedia blog in which I have traveled to several countries to find stories of people and their relationships to their food web/environment. Through articles, interviews, and audio podcasts Foodwebstories is meant to bring awareness to our environmental baselines and create a dialogue between developing and the developed worlds. It will continue to innovate and shift perspectives. This year the theme is Be Kind Do Not Rewind! We cannot solve our environmental problems by using the methods we used to get us into the situations we have now. Rather we must innovate and find new methods to improve our environments and ourselves. This year I will focus on sea grasses, what is happening with our waters, and address new methods and innovations in animal rights and wildlife corridors.
Sunday @ Nomad’s Nook, 10 am – 12 pm
Community Level Bioremediation 101 
What is biosyntropy, the elevation of living intentional systems. How can we improve our environments creatively using simple and innovative bioremediation techniques. How important is it to clean our air, soil, and water supply? This in depth look takes you behind the scenes to discover what is the importance of harmonizing with your environment and the factors that play when a person is not in harmony with the spaces, place, and surroundings called home. We will play with techniques, discover new terms, and hopefully leave inspired to bioremediate your land to heal our local watersheds.

Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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