Installation Simulation

Piece 1: Care

Installation Simulation (IS) is a conceptual program utilizing participatory performance art as a means to address conditions in our world needing deep change. Each rendition of IS will come to life around a theme.

Performance art, in the modern art era, was one of the most transformative for artistic expression. It pushed the boundaries of what a human could do mentally, physically, and emotionally. The most rewarding was that performance art began to play with the concept of time as medium and teacher and because humans were required in this piece the human body was apart that work.

Artists such as Tehching Hsieh worked with the medium that was his mind and body to perform year long fetes. He named them; One Year Performance 1981- 1982 (Outdoor Piece), for example. In this work he lived outside in New York City for one year, never daring to enter a building. The only time he did enter was through force of NYC police, but he was let go to continue.

In the year of 2019, Installation Simulation will center around the theme of Care. It is so aptly necessary regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender, and ability – receive intentional care. 30 participants will become nurtures, 30 participants will become those who are cared for.

The nurturers will selflessly perform the happening of caring for another person through deep service with acts such as; intentional listening, holding space, giving willing encouragement, and may even go as far as cooking or helping their partner in their day to day life. The commitment is 30 days. The nurturer and the person being cared for will become a team.

Each team will keep a journal tracking their mood and experience. It is with great hope that this program will help participants to feel heard and to know how it feels to be selflessly cared for. This could possibly improve participants quality of life and the world around them. There will be suggestions but holding space for another person is a creative ordeal that requires no rules, just presence. Your respect, compassion, attention, and maybe even love is all that is required to become a nurturer.

If you would like to participate please contact:

Phone: (619)721-3967


Visit Social Media: @installationsimulation

Wondering what performance art is? Look at this short video.

Ideas for how to nurture or care for someone you do or do not know:

50 Ways to Show You Care Without Spending a Dime

6 Ways to Show You Care

19 Ways To Show Your S.O. You Love Them Without Saying a Word – One Love Foundation

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