She blue

I would like to create a toy out of my comfort zone and certainly She blue is that toy. from her side ways glace to her very nakedness. She looks at you but she does not face need not. She is blue while I ponder her hair I like where she is going. Maybe she will be a midnight blue with dark blue hair highlighted in certain areas for accentuation. Notice her legs are also her stand. Yes! She Blue

the puzzle called trust, an update

SabrinaPuzzleCube   Sitting with a piece of paper the same length and width to depict the shaping of a 6 part cube by the folds of one. This will certainly take a time to come up with the entire 3x3x3, So happy to have gotten this far :).  The characters face looks how I felt looking up the appropriate way to form the cube and watching the video over and over to make sure it was done properly.

Toy Maker

When conceptualizing a toy one of the first things I thought of was it’s materials. What will the toy be formed from. After visits to craft stores, looking on the ground, and speaking with a few friends we came up with plushy, edible, and non hazardous. What came to be was an armature crafted from wire and cardboard, to be exact an egg carton taken apart by my handy dandy exacto knife after days of contemplation. 20140428_215220

It takes courage to craft anything. I truly felt the relief come to me as the face took shape and the clay layers were added on.This toy is made from modeling clay, beads, the materials of its armature mentioned above, and to finish there is the adding of candle wax over the clay to harden it to a degree and the addition of acrylic paint for color. This toy is the first and probably, if not staying with me alone, will be granted to someone who can truly appreciate the energy it takes to develop something as experimentally profound as a series of black Satyrs for those of us who love storytelling and would like to see images that look like us in the relationship to the fantastical. Below are more sketches and the process to craft my first toy.  The hair is my own from my comb, there is so much of it that goes flying when picking my fro.20140425_13180520140428_22173520140428_22180720140428_224002




Milk, sand + sugar

I have decided to commit myself to designing. For every structure must be a reason, a purpose. Below is the beginning the RNA of a new structure entitled:

Milk, sand + sugar: a Warm Invitation to be Held…

He said break my heart. A warriors heart is tender, a warriors heart is not safe from sound. A sound being a carrier of pressure a means of displacement, knocking, touching, rolling, and caressing you from your place of comfort. Comfort, in this case, a place to hide from darkness.

Mother. I calk forth mother and nurturing father. Light and darkness , void and what is known. Milk, sand + sugar. If you find yourself in this replica of a hug from them that cherish thier children and my interpretation of what it looks like. Built, crafted, arisen from what comes in visions and lighted by flames of inspiration. Then you have touched or witnessed being held. I am one past puberty and embrace tantra. Flow, organic, nurture, love making, relax., and dreaming meets releasing, cleansing, vulnerability, and trust. This is the blended stew suckling on creativities portion of milk. Ancient as sand, stimulated by sugar.

_ Suddenly designing structures meant confessing its intention and why it would be beautiful to have the living erected

Things lost in the fire

deerbefore we had this bridge

I could walk however so bravely to the other shore

take fruits and found objects and be home before the dark

but when the fire raged our bridge stood between the flames

I want old pictures, oils, and a gifted musical devise

maybe I have use for them

my desire must be curved

my mouth shall not shout out the flames

it cannot

for it is by now old

those were just things along with you

i’ve lost in the fire

Foodweb Stories

I have various notebooks I’ve collected and thankfully some I’ve had since high school. All filled or about 75% full of songs, poems, stories, quotes, and ideas. Some of my favorite, now that I type my stories have been the ideas. I love a good idea! This feeling in my belly goes YES! that is wonderful. Some ideas I’ve had I’ve been feeding for some time now such as the biosyntropy education to communities and the recent community holistic therapy program. All mind mapped with various circles leading to other circles. Dreaming while awake is like the eating the best gluten free vegan cookie warm.

A few weeks ago my love Nik and I were celebrating having a similar idea of going on an adventure to collect stories of wisdom from first nation people. I too am a woman with indigenous blood and sacred stories, tradition, and culture is so important to my walk. I have my journal next to me as I type this, I wrote…

travel the Americas in search of great healing herbs, stones, practices, and stories…

Journal entry

I wrote Healing Treasures of the Americas. I wrote to travel by car, boat, train, plane. Whats really lovely is that less than half a year later I was accepted as crew for a tall ship. This note book has had beautiful water marks from having water spilled on it, its been drawn in my little cousins in Texas and its just brimming, still, with those ideas written in it. I love the way I was practicing writing backwards and with my left hand on this page.

Forward to now…  Wednesday Nik and I will go on the first tour of Foodweb Stories. We have so much love of water, of Mother Earth. So much appreciation for the land and adventure that our ideas have joined together to be even more sacred, even more inclusive, and with great purpose. I give thanks for the power of brainstorming as we call it. The power to dream and go venture to have it

Our website to share information is fabulous, we will use social media and our site to share the information. Social Media has developed so much since i wrote those ideas.

We will share the website soon