Clean the floors

I am gearing up to clean the floors of my friends house which she has dedicated to be a cultural center here in Huancayo. I wanted to make sure to leave the place better than I found it especially since I have been dog and  housesitting. A poem, a song came to me :

Half the Wisdom

You put a bat in your pocket
You were wondering why you were dying
Risen from the ashes
Another second only to shine

Like a cloth to silver
Magos girl turned to gold
Rusted copper still
Pour the water for your role

Milkened fat from pastures cows
Blood of birds disappear
Into the the darkened parts of the world
Seems set not to appear

Flor the flowers
Stripped and eaten from the leaves
An entity holds the robes
Opens fences
Gives you ease

Over the head of girls
Longing for poetry from the dead
In places deep down in the there
Imagined in your head
To that world they live and walk a foot
Walks the stix without falling in
A flag that waves + acts to save
The ones who would rather not
Spend all their time walking the line
For half the wisdom of the other side

Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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