A Man Speaks Kindly to the Son of Ammitai

A Man Speaks Kindly to the Son of Ammitai


Preliminary erect projections a sweet moti-move-a-con of transformations,

Essential anions,

A sweet moti-move-a-con of information.


It was love but it was a version that has to be forgiven. It has to be forgiven because it was a variety touched by fear. The conflict was and still seems to be that variety of love. Although blood is spilt from war and hearts are confused by other subtle versions of war, other varieties. The true name for the conflict no matter what names it is given is, the info-war.


Was the fall of Babylon the beginning of mass confusion. Was it anger because of separations, not speaking the same language perhaps? What if when the precipitated touched the soils of earth and hid diligently inside her that being away from each other for so long was the true reason they could not understand each other. Do we not know that the greatest form of communication is intimacy?


What if by looking at each other they saw how Various they were from each other. The sexual organs turned inside out and outside in. did they know ahead of time that earth was a pool of information. leave it to the profane varieties to take the sacred and use it as a tool of war.


But it was love Jonah. It was the kind that takes your breath away. That’s the kind that lays pressure down and makes you breathe little sips of air. The kind that sits behind the eyelids and knows all and then there is the kind that stands guard in front of the heart space. Why in front of the heart space does this variety stand? The guard stands infront of the heart space because the throat moves too much and the stomach not enough. The heart Jonah, can be heard for miles although it beats faster it hums like the planet. So that love stands guard awaiting messages of angelic communication. It stands guard not knowing how much it is needed to be integrated. It is not needed outside of the heart but integrated inside.


But the guard revels in ignorance because if it finds out just how apart and how separate it is it might not know how to peace itself together. All things can go in either direction for infinite spans of time. So it stays right there without confessing it’s afraid to move because it is so powerful.


But the moon Jonah, the moon sways the children of water and the wielders of fire. The moon sways them and grandfather sun lights a path for them. Some days the guard will move in spite of itself. Taking on the darkness because it loves that afrodisiac. It is love is it not. That is why we think Trojan wars began with love. But love is information Jonah, all things are. Especially hear. Hear, information breathing, speaking, loving, making love to information.


So fear itself is simply information. Spirits communicate with informing pictures of information and so does plants. Feelings are simply information. If you ever want something get its information. If you are ever somewhere you had better know its information and who rules that info-space. Speak the environments language. You are a being in motion. Motion is the way that information travels, ions.



In: within limit, having function of

For: on behalf of, destination, equality

Ma: Mother

Tion: state, action, process, result

Ion: going

Information: a state of motion, active intention and journeying in mother.


YES Jonah, it was love. In all of its forms, it was love. In all of its variety, it was love. A reflection is simply information that gives you information. Now, lets talk about your next question, how to stop the info-wars.


Author: Sakari Sun

Sakari of all Trades

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