the streets love the tricky night vibe or ignores them just the same

majesty, the twinkle in the air

I do things like stop

the sparrows in the hollow rainbows

the necklace halos

the pretty black toes

that tip toe in the lakes


by the scenic gates where keepers keep to watching

and we would pick our nails

and bite them without molars

cry when we know not and say nothing when we do

I’ve known snakes that smell like you

and shed by sidewalks and walk up right and new to churches and apothecary doors


ways like this take days to commence

my mind is on a fast from the empty dark nights that others would prescribe

disturbance is not my rhyme of passion

do i not know my other side

I’ve embraced her with my dancing and rubbed my belly on hers

kissed her breast cause shes mine

Things lost in the fire

deerbefore we had this bridge

I could walk however so bravely to the other shore

take fruits and found objects and be home before the dark

but when the fire raged our bridge stood between the flames

I want old pictures, oils, and a gifted musical devise

maybe I have use for them

my desire must be curved

my mouth shall not shout out the flames

it cannot

for it is by now old

those were just things along with you

i’ve lost in the fire